Merlin: GPT Assistant for VS Code

A chat assistant for VS Code, to help with writing code, documentation, and more. GPT-3 access is free, and GPT-4 access is available with a license key.
First release: April 21, 2023.

GSH: Talking terminal shell

You speak to your shell conversationally, and it responds using commands. It can take actions for you, help you with your work, write programs, and more.
First release: December 5, 2022.
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UPG: Natural language code generator and editor, optimized for stability.

Create, edit, explain, run, and autofix programs using natural language.
First release: November 17, 2022.
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(Retired) GPTweets: Train GPT-3 to tweet like you

A fine-tuning pipeline that allowed users to train a model on their tweets, primarily an entertainment tool. Was eventually shut down following Twitter’s API changes.
First release: January 31, 2023.
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Open Source

We also develop and maintain open source libraries that our products depend on. The vast majority of our libraries are private but will be released over time.


Standardized hooks and components for working with OpenAI streams in a Next.js project.
First release: February 15, 2023.
SpellcraftAIUpdated Jul 18, 2023


Tools for working with OpenAI streams in Node.js/Edge/browser using TypeScript.
First release: February 15, 2023.
SpellcraftAIUpdated Jul 19, 2023

CLI Tools

Includes GSH and UPG, plus future command line tools.
SpellcraftAIUpdated Jun 10, 2023


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